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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grey faux leather jacket

I've had my eye on a grey leather jacket for maybe 6 months. However, all the ones I find are over $250. Plus, living in Southern California it's not like I need it for the cold weather, or a necessity, it's more of a fashion accessory.

I'm so lucky mark just came out with a faux leather jacket for just $75!!!! Plus, you get free shipping since the purchase is over $30. The really cool thing with the mark jacket is that it has different material on the back. Making the mark jacket very light and usable all year round in so. Cali.

There is a similar jacket on asos website going for $240. Check out the site: : Click here to view the asos jacket >

I have included a pic of both jackets for your review.

: Click here to purchase your mark jacket at >

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front zipper jacket said...

the above coat is simply awesome