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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Alejandra... American girl

So last year for Christmas I bought my daughter what she knows as her American Girl doll.   However, it's not AG, hers is a replica purchased at Target for only $15.   That's 1/10th of the price of an AG doll.   

She absolutely adores her doll.  She has even cried if it's falling on the floor, if she's forgotten it at home, or if her doll simply doesn't sit the way she wants it to.   It's completely adorable how much she adores the doll.   

We visited  the American girl store on Valentine's Day.  I purchased an outfit for Alejandra and had a memorable lunch at their Cafe. Alejandra has the exact proportions of the AG doll so Zoe didn't even realize it's not an AG doll.  Here some  pics at the cafe with an AG doll she was given to carry with her during the visit. 
 The very next day she even slept with Alejandra wearing her new ballerina outfit. 
Just the other day while she was gone and left her at home I was mischievous and posed Alejandra in different poses.  Almost as if she missed my daughter it's so cute

My next purchase for Alejandra  is probably going to be a wardrobe closet.  Currently she has about 16 different outfits to wear along with accessories.  She even has real American girl dog called Honey.  

I really think this was the most used and greatest use of  $15 I spent on anything.