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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eating healthy Vs. Eating with foods u can purchase in Sun. Paper

I dont know about most of you, but I honestly try to eat as healthy as possible 90-95% of the time. The other 5-10% I allow myself to eat junk, crap stuff that really isn't good for me but my taste budspalettete, stomach seems to crave.

My biggest problems with healthy eating is finding veggies and foods that are reasonably priced. They tend to be more expensive than unhealthy choices and fresh produce like veggies, salad ingredients, or healthy meats rarely have a coupon or discount price.

Here are some ideas to help you save a few bucks while purchasing cheeper staples for your healthy menu ingredients.

1. find an ETHNIC MARKET near you. They usually have fresh veggies and meats cheaper than reg grocery stores. And this works no matter what ethnicity u choose.
I've been to
* Vietnamese market in little saigon, I can buy fresh fish for 40-60% when compared to local chains. And noodles, soy sauce and other asian staples are beyond cheap as well.
* Mexican markets, in Santa Ana, e. Los angeles and westmister (el ranchito) All fresh veggies, meats and pre made foods are like 30-60% off. Especially cilantro, tomatoes, avocados, queso fresco and canned salsas/soups/condiments.
* Greek market, only been to one in Anaheim and it's the same experience there as well. I was able to get fresh olives, feta, meat already seasoned to make kabobs, pita bread, fresh parsley for again up to 60% cheaper than the chain grocery store.
* Cambodian market in long beach. This was the best experience, I bought beyond cheap staples for soups, fresh veggies, fish chips, soy sauce, fish sauce, cocunut water, coconut milk. Again same discounts.
2. Go.
3. Be prepared to find many items youve never seen. Don't be scared most of the labels will have some English. Plus, from my experience the employees are fluent enough in English to guide you to what you want. Remember these stores are catered and intended for newer American immigrants who still eat many of their cultures food,and this is a PLUS for your pocket!!!

So, I highly recommend those type of markets to help you eat healthier food without having to wait for the Sunday paper coupons. MOST of the Sun paper coupons are just huge brand name, pre-package, loaded with salt and preservatives type of food anyway. Plus, most are not freshly made products.

My challenge today, to go to the ethnic market and take $20-$25 for fresh produce.

I Will post a pic and description of my purchase later.

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