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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lash All You want $10 vs the $22 mascara.

Dare to compare two very similar mascaras:  The top one is $22  mascara,  the one below is a $10 mascara

mark LASH ALL YOU WANT $ 10,  Comes in four shades

As you can see the brushes look pretty similar and the outcome to both are the same, except one leaves you with less money in your pocket.
Heres a link to the $22 mascara: 
After seeing this:  Why would anyone pay more than twice the price for something pretty much exact for under half the price???  I'd rather get it for just $10, How about you???

Look at Ashley Greene in the Black Lash all you want mascara!

mark wants everyone to try this mascara. Beginning July 16th you can get the Lash all you want mascara (for $10) and MAKE ME LASHEYELASH CURLER w/ pink silicone pad and non slip grip for your fingers (for $7).   There will be a deal to get BOTH for $12.  Thats a savings of $ 5 if purchased separately.   On July 16th you can go to to order the set to save.
But if you are interested NOW just send me the money via paypal ($12 plus tax) and I will order it for you before 7-16-201 andl have it shipped directly to your home.  Just remember to provide me with your address when you send me payment via paypal.  (paypal email: 

Dont spend more $ on the othe brand. Order It from me instead: mark. Lash All You want mascara. It comes in four diff. Colors. And hello look at the cute eyelash curlers!!!!!

Curl all you want $7
Lash all you want $ 10

GET BOTH FOR $12,  as you can see even getting both the curler and mascara you'll have $10 to spare, maybe you can go to lunch or invite your best  friend for coffee on YOU.  Whatever you do, dont pass this deal up.    

Thursday, June 16, 2011

mark Ultimate summer deal begins today!

All this is valued at $76, but as a bundle you'll only pay $44 
 Imagine your friend calls you and says a couple of other gals plan on heading over to a bbq in the next hour, you have your mark. summer deal bag filled with mark goodies in your trunk.  What do you do?  Maybe wash or blot your face and add a bit of the mark get a tint moisturizer (with spf 15) it will add a bit of color to your face with protecting you from the sun,  then put on some mark keep it going eyeliner/shadow in iconic allover your eyes (this will be waterproof, perfect for a hot day), add your juice gems to your lips and the gradual tanner Got To Glow Gradual Glow Body Moisturizer all over the rest of your body.
YOU WILL ARRIVE AT THE PARTY like a superstar in the mark aviators.  Carrying some booze in the Beauty beach bag.  You'll be fabulous!!

Grab this bag that shows your style! Deal includes:

Beauty Beach Bag
18 1/2" L x 5 1/2" W x 12" H. A $22 value.

Aviator Shades

These classic shades are so cool and face-flattering, you'll be flying high. Gold-plated metal frames. Protective drawstring pouch included. 100% UVA/UVB protection. A $14 value

mark Got To Glow Gradual Glow Body Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15
All the Color, Without the Sun!  a $14.00 value
 Get the sun-kissed glow you want even when there's no beach in near you! Use this lotion for all-day moisturizer and watch your color build with every application. The non-streaking formula is awesome!

mark Keep It Going Longwear Eyeliner & Shadow
SO much more than a liner! a $10.00 value in Iconic (gold/green)
An innovative, multi-use eye color that just doesn’t give up! Each compact features two waterproof, gel-based shades that are build-able for extra intensity and literally last all day. 0.04 oz. net wt.  
mark Get A Tint Tinted Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15
A little color ... a lot of benefits!  a $10.00 value
A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer with just enough color to even out your skin tone and give the appearance of a healthy glow. The unique skin-balancing formula hydrates while it helps prevent shine in those spots prone to excess oil. 1.6 fl. oz

mark Juice Gems
Flavored high-shine gloss.  a $6.50 value

  (the above pics and wording was taken directly from the mark. website)
 if you need some advice on which get a tint color to use, I can help.

If you're interested in purchasing go to my website: 
since its $44 you will get free shipping directly to your home

All you'll need to do is register, add it to your cart & pay.  Normal shipping time is about one week. 

Summer Juice Gems Winners (June 15, 2011)

The winners to the Juice Gems:
Lucy Diedrich, Jenna Garcia, Espie Martinez, Laura Barriga &Michelle Parga
 Remember you can also be a winner by REGISTERING on my website.
I will be having contests (raffles)  for those who make purchases.

Plus, a raffle every two months just for registering on my site.  good luck.
If you provide your birthday, I will be sending you a little something on your birthday.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Min-A-Real Review

Get real - and really radiant!
This breakthrough cream-to-powder mineral foundation is the first on the market with Lumiskin complex to smooth, brighten and even out skin tone. Forget mineral mayhem - our unique formula is 100% no mess! Oil free and lightweight,  0.4 oz. net wt,  for  $18.00

I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed with the Min-a-real sample I received from mark.  Not that it was horrible, but it didn’t meet my expectations.  The sample was a bit dry, cakey and heavy.    So, I held off on purchasing the product. 

On my NYC trip make-up artist (mark celebrity make-up artist) Jamie Greenberg actually did a full face of make up on someone and I watched carefully how she used the foundation Min-a-real formula.  Plus it made the persons face look luminous and healthy.  So, I decided to order it last week.   I've been using it for the past 4 days and absolutely love the way it goes on my skin I’ve been given compliments even.  So you can’t beat that.    Plus, its lots smoother and lighter feeling than the sample I was given.

OH and guess what, you don’t have to have all kinds of loose powder containers to carry in your purse, that have to be mixed with 2-3 diff. brushes, then make up on clothes, make up bag, car, desk, like some mineral brands have.  This is cream and it turns powder when it dries on your skin.  So, no mineral mess all over your face & other places

PLUS, you can also apply it with the sponge provided on your drive to work w/o worrying about it going all over your shirt and car.   (yes, we know u do this ladies)

How to apply:
1.      Wash and moisturize face.    This crucial to do to help your make up go on fresh and last longer
2.      Use primer all over face and neck  (mark primed to perfection)
3.      Apply concealer to conceal under eye circles and imperfections
4.      With a foundation brush apply a light coat of min-a-real all over face and part of neck
5.      Apply a second layer on areas that need just a little more foundation
6.      Let it dry for 20-30 seconds to set to allow the min-a-real to go from cream to powder
7.      Apply/ dust on your favorite powder on your Tzone to prevent future oiliness and to make it a bit more matte.

Note: 0.4 oz. net wt on Min-a-real compact is the same weight on the Powder buff powder compact.  However, the Min-a-real looks smaller due to the diff. packaging and the fact that it’s a cream and not a pressed powder formula.

·         A small amount will go a long way.  Four days of usage and I can barely see a dent on my min-a-real compact.   I’ll provide another follow up blog re: min-a-real in a month. 
·         Plus, I’m saving on the amount of powder (powder buff) I’m having to use that’s a total plus!! 
·         The price is more expensive than just a regular powder, but its still about half price of other mineral foundation on the market
As usual mark has products accessible to regular people not just celebrities or folks with 6 figure incomes. 
If you’d like to purchase min-a-real: register and shop at

Please press on comments below to comment on your experience w/ mineral make up or min-a-real