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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sleep overs

Remembering when I was in first grade seems like such a long time ago because it really was.  That's over 30 years ago. 

Here's some great sleep over activities recently noted.. Eating hotdogs, fruit, making s'mores, watching a movie in a sleeping bag.  

Wow!  S'mores anyone? 

Great way to spend the night

Make you wanna join the fun, doesn't it?
Prince says, you can't baby!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Awesome flashback weekend

I went with my lovely girlfriends to check out several 80s new wave cover bands.  There was Billy Idol band, The cure, the Smiths (Morrissey) and Depeche mode.  Here's a few pics,I know none look like the actual bands mentioned, but they're cover bands.  They sound far better than they look. 

Plus,I got toasty and has a blast while at the front row of the concert!!! Woohoo!!
Check out the pacman ice sculpture 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Santa Ana really has changed

I had a chance to visit the new Santa Ana  East End Shop center.  It's located an a renovated building that used to be full of little gift shops and had an indoor swap mall feel.   
Well that look and feel certainly isn't there anymore. The place has ultimately changed and virtually unrecognizable from its old business model.   It has many food vendors ranging from fresh Asian noodles, home made sausages, gourmet cookie ice cream sandwiches, pulled belly pork sandwiches, Asian/Mexican fushion burritos,  fresh squeezed juices, Mexican Popsicles (paletas), Portola coffee, a beer/wine bar and a wine and cheese shop.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the food displayed and also the location  has a back patio with graffiti art filled with local artists work. Plus tables are huge butcher blocks and bars stools fill the place.  This is a place to go alone or with others and enjoy a nice lunch or impromptu meal. 

Here's a good article from the OC register with more info: 

I'm providing a picture of the Portola  coffee shop that smelled amazing, but I didn't have time to sample any since I was in a rush.  They even roast, package and make their coffee drinks.  It reminds me of Intelligencia coffee shop in Hollywood located next to ArcLight theater. 
My pick of the day was a poke bowl from MAR.  Which was $8 and includes fresh tuna, arborio rice, w/ garlic ginger sauce, topped with avocado, sesame seeds and two spicy sauces on the side.  

I'm sure going to visit this new location soon.