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Monday, October 31, 2011

Water proof, gel, all day wearable eyeliner

Once again, in have two similar products to compare for you.

-1- NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner Cost: $23 each.
What it is: A dramatic and intense 12-hour eyeliner.
What it does: it takes liner to the next level. this liner has a rich, creamy color that glides on smoothly with a completely budge-proof finish. Its incomparable wear lasts for 12 hours without smearing or caking. Designed with a retractable applicator and built-in sharpener.

-2- mark. No place to run Longwear eyeliner Cost: $8 each
What it is: a gel liner, applies as a smooth creamy liner and within 30 seconds sets into a waterproof liner that will last all day without retouching or flaking.
What it does: This liner sets in a minute, is waterproof, and literally lasts all day.

MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I wore mark. no place to run long wear at 6:45 AM to work, wore it all day at work until 4:30 PM, once I got home I changed and left my for a 7:00 PM 90 minute Bikram Yoga session. Normally I remove all my make-up to that class because the rooms 115• degrees F and high humidity. You sweat so much you will sweat from the first minute of stretching. Anyhow, by the end of a work out your hair is drenched as if you walked in rain or poured a water bottle all over you.
The no place to run long wear was completely in place like it was at 6:30AM considering it was 8:40 PM.

I have never has this experience with any liner before, any make up I wear to Bikram always runs all over.

For the price of $8 in comparison to the NARS $23 you can't beat mark. I actually went into Sephora and tried the NARS liner and it pretty much works just like the mark, but expect to pay $15 extra dollars per pencil because the NARS is self sharpening.

With Mark you can purchase all 8 shades for $64 and buy the $3 mark sharperner specifically made for the no place to run long wearing liner and spend a total of $67.

Or you can spend $69 and buy just 3 of the self sharpening NARS.

If you'd like to get the mark. no place to run long wear go to my website, plus, you will have extra money in your pocket as well.

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