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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review on get a tint with shimmer

HI used to wear foundation on a daily basis, but found it a bit heavy on a daily basis.  Plus, I would have to apply face lotion on my face first, let it dry and then apply the foundation.

I discovered mark get a tint about two years ago and began using it instead.  Its lighter than foundation, has spf 15 and oil free moisturizer with it.  

Then in May I was given the new get a tint with shimmer, also spf 15, oil free.  I absolutely love it.

View pics of my totally imperfect skin, with gross pimple and all before applying it.
*My finger showing a garbazo sized of the product that I will use on my face.
* my face dotted with the product
* my face with the product all over
As you can see my pimple and face look pretty evened out. Yeah!
* next is me with powder ( powder buff)
* finally the last pics is after applying mascara (lash all you want) the pink blush and gold and brown eyeshadows from the make up clutch (showcase clutch)

Anyhow, if you want,to purchase your own get a tint with shimmer go to my website and get yours for only $12.

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