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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lemon sugar product review

I absolutely love, love, love the texture of the lemon sugar body butter.
I suffer from dry skin and I have to buy lotions that actually do more than just moisturize for a little while, but for hours.   I used to use the body shop products before discovering mark's fair trade unscented cream.   That did the job, but if you want a sweet scent the lemon sugar works excellently. 
* I tend to put on perfume daily, but just the lemon sugar lotion actually doesn't seem to need any.
* Even if I put perfume on you can still smell the perfume scent with the lemon sugar butter.
* collagen is also an ingredient, which helps your skin maintain elasticity.  (elasticity is found in young skin, old skin sags and in turm wrinkles due to lack on elasticity) 

Take advantae of the deal right now, for just $28, you will get $40 of lemon sugar items plus a make up bag. Go to view magalog and on page 43 you can see the deal. I took a snapshot. A bit blurry, but you can see it.

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