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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Juice Gems Winners (June 15, 2011)

The winners to the Juice Gems:
Lucy Diedrich, Jenna Garcia, Espie Martinez, Laura Barriga &Michelle Parga
 Remember you can also be a winner by REGISTERING on my website.
I will be having contests (raffles)  for those who make purchases.

Plus, a raffle every two months just for registering on my site.  good luck.
If you provide your birthday, I will be sending you a little something on your birthday.


Lucy said...

Yay! I won. I cannot wait to try out this line.

Missirisb said...

Lucy, If you've never tried mark. you will absolutely love it. Plus its affordable & which chick doesnt like that?

Lancome's Juicy Tubes are quite similar to what a mark.juice gems is like. I used to buy those before I discovered mark.'s
marks is a third of the price only $6.50 each.
If you gals don't believe me check out this link:,default,pd.html