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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lash All You want $10 vs the $22 mascara.

Dare to compare two very similar mascaras:  The top one is $22  mascara,  the one below is a $10 mascara

mark LASH ALL YOU WANT $ 10,  Comes in four shades

As you can see the brushes look pretty similar and the outcome to both are the same, except one leaves you with less money in your pocket.
Heres a link to the $22 mascara: 
After seeing this:  Why would anyone pay more than twice the price for something pretty much exact for under half the price???  I'd rather get it for just $10, How about you???

Look at Ashley Greene in the Black Lash all you want mascara!

mark wants everyone to try this mascara. Beginning July 16th you can get the Lash all you want mascara (for $10) and MAKE ME LASHEYELASH CURLER w/ pink silicone pad and non slip grip for your fingers (for $7).   There will be a deal to get BOTH for $12.  Thats a savings of $ 5 if purchased separately.   On July 16th you can go to to order the set to save.
But if you are interested NOW just send me the money via paypal ($12 plus tax) and I will order it for you before 7-16-201 andl have it shipped directly to your home.  Just remember to provide me with your address when you send me payment via paypal.  (paypal email: 

Dont spend more $ on the othe brand. Order It from me instead: mark. Lash All You want mascara. It comes in four diff. Colors. And hello look at the cute eyelash curlers!!!!!

Curl all you want $7
Lash all you want $ 10

GET BOTH FOR $12,  as you can see even getting both the curler and mascara you'll have $10 to spare, maybe you can go to lunch or invite your best  friend for coffee on YOU.  Whatever you do, dont pass this deal up.    

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