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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My NYC trip for mark rep conference May 2011

Here is a picture of me at the mark conference

You can see a few of the items that can be purchased directly through me at this time

You can purchase directly thourh me:  the mark get a glow -gradual tanning cream 
--it comes in two colors:  light to med OR med to dark,  
--cost $14  at my site:
--this is perfect for those of you who do NOT want to go under a tanning bed, tanning spray or sun.

You can purchase directly thourh me mark get a tint shimmer
-this is pretty much just like the mark get a tint except this one is perfect for the summer, its got a little bit of shimmer and its oil free and still spf 15
-Available for  $12 on my site:
feel free to contact me I can hook you up with the tint
--- not full converage like a foundation but perfect to keep in your purse and since its got an oil free moisturizer your skin wont feel like its craking. 

 *** while I was on my trip to NY I forgot my powder buff powder and the only thing I had to rely on was the mark get a tint for coverage.  Its not full coverage, but it worked perfectly.  It didnt make my face oily or anything.  Plus I have no break out due to it either, despite the fact that I had no powder for my tzone. 

**** Dont forget to enter my raffle that will be having June 15th.  I will be giving away a free lip gloss a juice gem.  All you have to do is register on my

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