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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas trees

So, I'm going to blog on something not mark because most of you probably already did your Christmas shopping and the last thing you want to hear is more sales, reviews, etc. From me about mark. Ha!!! :)

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Here's about Christmas: I really hate how many of them are cut, put in homes for 5-20 days and then thrown away on 12-26th. First, they cost lots. Usually $19-$180 depending on size and type. So why not keep it up longer?

My husband and I bought a 4 1/2 footer since our space is limited to setting it on top of our counter since we have no floor space. The tree we chose cost $55 and change after a $4 stand, tax and $5 tip to the tree handler.

Our little tree was purchased on 12/16. If we were to throw it out on 12/26 we'd only have it up for 10 days. Personally, this is a pet peeve of mine: to throw a perfectly good tree out too soon. I like to throw the tree out on Jan 2nd (7 days later). Why? I like having a tree on new years eve to bring ambience to the room . Make it feel like it's still the holidays, take pics, feel festive and to extend the holiday season for as long as possible. Plus, my $55 tree gets 17 days of admiration by the lookie-looks, not just 10 sour days.

Anyhow: Check out the before and after pics below. My hubby decorated the tree with about 20 ornaments, not bad. Then I went back, added more ornaments, fairy tree topper and tree skirt. I Love Christmas trees and how they can brighten up a room during this holiday season.
How do you feel during this season while you see a tree?

Merry Christmas to all of you.

A little note: in most Latin American countries the Christmas tree is removed after Jan 6th. This is a tradition brought over from Spain. That's the day the three wise men actually made it to see Jesus and gave him his gifts. The day is the day of Epiphany. Kids leave shoes out on the 5th and on the morning of the 6th kids find presents from the Magi. (El Dia de Los Reyes Magos)

I'm not going to go as far as that though. : Click here to view this forgotten day in the USA >

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