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Friday, February 10, 2012

Host a mark party

How would you like a free gift and money by inviting 5+ girls over to your home, for drinks, appetizers and having me go for an hour and a half to show them some of the latest items and getting 25% discount any order YOU place that day??

If that sounds easy for you to to do send me an email at so we can schedule a party.

I live in long beach.
Parties can be hosted : Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside counties.

*Try to schedule party 2-3 wks ahead.
* invite 5+ people, typically 50% show
* set a 2 hour time frame, but schedule it for an hour and a half. People tend to stay after the hour and a half. Or some show up late.
* just for hosting I will give you $20 mark gift
* just for hosting you get 25% off your order
* if you sell over $400, mark will give you a hostess gift!!!!
* if you sell over $250+ I will give you $25 cash at the end of your party!!!

So you can get free products, money and huge discount on your order just by hosting a party for 2 hours.

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